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Hello, I'm ST. I want to make people happy, and building stuff seems to help with that. I'm better at building UI and the frontend with my prior design experience, but I am also familiar with backend.
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May 20, 2022
Wrote a quick guide to building good react native apps, featuring a rich list of tips, tricks & resources on a variety of topics such as Project Templates, Local Storage, SVG, accessibility, testing and debugging.

- Featured on Hashnode
- Top story of the week (2nd) on Hashnode Weekly Digest #96 
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May 09, 2022
Wrote an article on how to integrate custom assets such as app icon, fonts and images to a React Native mobile app.
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Apr 12, 2022
Recognized as a Community Superstar by Thoughtworks SEA in Q1 2022 ✨

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Software Developer, Thoughtworks
Mar 24, 2022
Wrote an article on 3 gotchas that I've learnt about Moment.js while working & testing DateTime objects at work.

This article was later given a Twitter shout out by CodeNewbie community 
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Mar 11, 2022
Received a shoutout by a Japanese user on my blog article on calling APIs with Axios & SuperTokens 🧡 It's really nice to see that my audience is expanding!
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Mar 10, 2022
Wrote about fetch & axios in typescript. The differences are illustrated through a use case example with SuperTokens.
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